An Ode to Pesto

Oh, pesto, how I love thee
Let me count the ways:
Your greenish goop will help me, safe,
Through all these toddler days.

Pasta’s just the entry point.
First one’s free, sweet child.
There’s nothing I can’t make you eat
With pesto, green and mild.

Cauliflower? No, no, no!
Lamb chops? Spinach? Never!
One squirt of green and, BAM, it’s gone.
Oh, pesto, you’re so clever.

Your lovely little pine nuts
Can enhance most any dinner.
The veg gets et, the plate is clean
And mummy is the winner.

Without your basil brilliance
My child might never eat
You’re crack for grumpy three year olds
I should sell you on the street.


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