Green smoothie wanker 

On the 5 days of my 5:2 diet, I am attempting to cram in as much goodness as possible with the fewest carbs.

This has led me, inevitably, to the green breakfast smoothie.

Bloody smoothies. I hate the preparation, I hate washing up the blender, I hate the inevitable little bit of smoothie ick that doesn’t come off the glass in the dishwasher.

But Tesco, bless them, now sells frozen avocado and frozen kale alongside their frozen spinach, so I really have no excuse.

I also freeze carrot juice and coconut water in icecube trays so I have portions all ready to throw in the blender.

I horrify myself.

Green Breakfast Smoothie

2 lumps frozen kale, defrosted
2 lumps frozen spinach, defrosted
Couple of chunks of frozen avocado
Wodge of cucumber
Splash of lemon juice
Ginger (from a squeezy tube, if you’re as lazy as me)
Teaspoon of whey powder for protein
Teaspoon of coconut oil for fat
Enough carrot juice or coconut water to loosen the mix

Throw it all in the blender, mix. Drink smugly.