Rediscovering treasure boxes

G Minor has been looking a bit bored with her toys in the last week or so. It was only when I spotted her hauling jigsaw pieces out of her sister’s puzzle box that I remembered, “Oh yeah. Pulling stuff out of boxes. That’s what babies like to do at this age.”

So I took all of three minutes to make her a treasure box.

I’ve seen some beautiful treasure boxes online. Lovingly crafted, handwoven things full of carefully sourced, organic materials. Lovely.

But essentially a treasure box is a container full of random crap of varying textures that you don’t mind your baby chewing. So G Minor got a shoebox and whatever I could find in a quick scout round the house.

Into the shoebox went:

  • A giant foam hair roller
  • A plastic straw
  • A broken slinky
  • An IKEA kitchen clip
  • A toy can of food from the play kitchen
  • A 4-pronged plastic back massager thingy
  • A small spiky physio ball
  • A scarf
  • A couple of big metal keys fastened together

How it works:

  1. Give the box to your baby, who will pull everything out of the box, chew it and eventually out the box on its head
  2. Return every 10 minutes or so to replace everything in the box and start the process again
  3. Repeat several times, giving you loads of time to gets things done while patting yourself on the back over this amazing “sensory play”

Want to level up? Cut a hole in the top of the box through which the objects must be pulled. Oooh, motor skill development!