For the mums that I know 

Tomorrow is Mothering Sunday in the UK.

So on a day when my kids thank me for general mumming, via the medium of a handmade card and breakfast in bed, I would like to thank some of the mums that I know for being pretty amazing.

My mum, who raised my brother and me despite some pretty terrible crap going on in her life. And who is a dedicated grandmother despite being half a world away.

My mother in law, who is aways available to me and my girls. And who had a kitchen where the tea and sugar and mugs lived exactly where I would have put them myself.

The single mums, who raised some absolutely spectacular kids despite endless dickishness from the fathers of their kids.

The divorcees who power on in the face of exes being hard work, who agonise over the daily experience of their kids and who never fail to exceed their own high expectations.

The stepmothers who have taken on their partners’ kids and made themselves part of their lives with grace and tact and unconditional love.

The mums of preemies who struggled through the early days and weeks and months and expressed milk til their boobs bled and carried their babies like wee joeys through the night until they were heavy enough to go home.

The gay mums who have to deal with the everyday shit that women face AND have to deal with crazy bigots asking dumb questions.

The mothers who have battled through serious illness and rained sunshine over their children while undergoing debilitating treatment.

The mums of children with chronic conditions who manage their extra needs with patience and good humour, and who find the fun in hospital visits and jolly their little bears along. 

The single dads who do just what the mums do.

You are all an inspiration and I hope to do half as well as you have.