Easy Easter baskets

Do you have a big extended family? I’m one of only two, with no nieces or nephews, so I only have to consider my brother and mother for birthdays and Christmas and so on.

Big G is one of three, and all have children, so at full strength we’re 15 for high days and holidays. I know it’s tiny compared to some families, but it still seems like a LOT of people.

It also means a lot of chocolate at Easter. So this year we’re giving a basket of assorted chocs per household, rather than individual eggs for each person.

And because family is usually willing to indulge a three-year-old, I got G Major to help me make some baskets. I did the cutting and fine assembly; she did the decorating and supplied a non-stop commentary. I’ll spare you the commentary and just tell you how to make the baskets, shall I?

What you’ll need

2 sheets of paper or card per basket
Glue and scissors
Something to use as a circular template
Decorations. (I went to Poundland, spent a fiver, and came away with pompom chicks, ribbon, shredded paper and two packs of self-adhesive stickers. Bargain. You can buy some of these online)

What you do

From one sheet of card, cut a circle and a long strip to use as a handle.

Fold the other sheet of card in half lengthways and cut along the fold to make two wide strips. Mark a line on both and make small snips up to
the line (much as you would to line a cake tin with greaseproof paper).

Glue the two strips together and trim to just a little longer than the circumference of the circle you’ve already cut out. Attach one end of the handle at the join.


We decorated the basket at this point, as it was easier than trying to attach things to the upright sides of the basket.



Brush a wide strip of glue around the edge of the circle of card. Fold the cut edges of your basket sides flat to the circle of card and shape the sides to fit around the circle. Glue the edges together and attach the other end of the handle at the join.

Once dry, fill with shredded paper and eggs.Or, leave it out for the Easter Bunny to fill.

Father Christmas gets a wee snifter on Christmas Eve. Having made these baskets, I’m thinking perhaps the Easter Bunny deserves the same. What do you think?