Warm potato salad with mackerel and beetroot

I love that the days are finally getting longer.  Especially getting the kids home from nursery – it feels less like a desperate race to bedtime with the sun still out.

All this sunlight makes me feel I should be eating salad, but it’s still chilly outside. Warm salads are the answer – enough veggies to make you feel virtuous, but still comforting enough to eat with your slippers on.

This salad is really just an assembly job – my favourite kind of mid-week cooking.

What you’ll need

Small salad potatoes
Smoked mackerel fillets, skin removed and flesh flaked
Cooked beetroot, in bite-sized pieces
Salad leaves
Red onion, finely sliced
Greek yoghurt

To make

Cook the potatoes until tender, then halve.
Mix together the yoghurt and horseradish to taste.
Put all other ingredients into a bowl or onto a platter.
Dress with the yoghurt mix.

What are you eating at the moment?