OMG dump cakes

If there was one recipe that summed up my cooking style, it would be dump cakes. It’s a pudding. It uses some fresh ingredients but also has an acceptable cheat. It takes hardly any time to prepare but looks like you made an effort. And it creates very little washing up. Minimal cleaning up is the guiding principle in my life.

Dump cakes sound like an industrial product for public urinals but are actually the easiest pudding in the world to make after Eton Mess. So-called because you dump everything into the dish, this is easy enough for the kids to make. It’s a lot like a crumble but with a more cake-y top.

They are honestly the best things I’ve come across for ages.

Apple and Raspberry Dump Cake

Stewed apples and raspberries (tinned or homemade)
Vanilla cake mix
100g-ish butter


Dump the stewed fruit into a pie dish.

Scatter over the cake mix and top with squares of butter.

Bake at 180C for half an hour, until the topping is brown .

G Minor had this with custard while G Major had plain Greek yoghurt with hers.


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