Yoghurt pot cake

Saturday fridge stocktake. A few bits of veg going mouldy, other veg I can probably stretch this week if I hide it in a sauce, butter that is sure to annoyingly run out in six days, before I do the next big shop, half a tin of coconut milk which means I have to do a curry again this week, and the wrong number of yoghurts.

We always have the wrong number of yoghurts. The Gs eat a small pot each in the morning, before nursery (yes, yes, I know it’s cheaper to buy a big pot and decant but I can’t face the washing up) but they’re sold in packs of six. That’s only three day’s worth. So I buy two packs, and then we have some hanging about, usually apricot because G Major doesn’t like that flavour. Then there’s the big pot of Greek yoghurt that I use up in some recipe or other and so have no breakfast. I need a yoghurt consumption algorithm.

But a glut of yoghurt does give me the chance to make one-pot yoghurt cake.

I first came across yoghurt pot cake in the book French Children Don’t Throw Food. Then I discovered Nigella does an Italian version. In all cases, yoghurt pot cake is a quick cake that children can help whip up in the morning then eat for an afternoon snack. The premise is that you start with a small pot of yoghurt then use that same pot to measure the other ingredients, instead of a measuring cup.

So it’s a cake, it’s quick, it minimises washing up and the kids can help? Yoghurt pot cake is clearly going to be something I make a lot.

For this particular cake, I used lemon yoghurt and added raspberries and chopped strawberries, because that’s what needed using up. But you’re limited only by what’s in your fridge – I’ve previously used strawberry yoghurt with strawberries, toffee yoghurt with chocolate chips, vanilla yoghurt with blueberries and apricot yoghurt with chopped nuts and dried apricots.

What you need

A pot of yoghurt (about 80-120g, the size of one from a six pack)
2 pots SR flour
1 pot sugar
Half a pot of oil (I used coconut but veg or olive is fine)
3 eggs
Splash of vanilla essence
Pinch of salt
Handful of whatever add-ins you’re using

What you do

Scoop out the yoghurt into a mixing bowl

Use the same pot to measure out the flour, sugar and oil. Add the eggs, salt, and vanilla and beat until smooth.

Coat your add-ins in a little flour to stop them sinking, then stir in and pour the mixture into a prepared loaf tin. I kept some pieces back and plopped them just into the top of the mix.

Bake at 180C. Check at 45 minutes – it should be crunchy and golden, with a skewer inserted and coming out clean. If not, give it another 10 minutes.

Sprinkle with icing sugar to serve.

The Gs had this for pudding with a drizzle of custard and then we ate it again for morning tea the next day.


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