An interview with Eliza Dorothy, aged 3 years and 365 days (it’s a leap year)

G  Major turns 4 tomorrow. So today, I asked her some questions.

How old are you? Three
How old am I? 40 (Humph)
How old is Daddy? 50 (Ha ha)
What’s your favourite food? Pasta
What’s your favourite colour? Yellow
If you were the king of the world, what would you tell everyone to do? Brush their hair!
What’s your favourite book? The Elephant and the Bad Baby. And the Cat in the Hat if Daddy reads (I don’t do Dr Seuss)
What’s your favourite TV show? Pingu. And Ben and Holly
What’s the best place to go on holiday? AUSTRALIA! (Good news for Mimi)
What are you very good at? Painting
What would you like to do for a job when you are older? Be a teacher (Nooooooo!)
What’s your favourite thing to do with Mummy? Play in the play kitchen
What’s your favourite thing to do with Daddy? Jump on the beanbags
What’s something you would like to learn to do? Look after little babies (Great, then I can go to the pub)
What does Mummy do for a job? Work on your computer
What does Daddy do for a job? He works on his computer too!
What’s your favourite animal? A pig!
What makes you happy? Jumping on the trampoline
What makes you sad? Getting hurt
If you had superpowers, what would they be? Elsa powers (Thanks Disney)
Who is your best friend? I love everybody. Even the boys! (Mad cackling)

Eliza at very nearly four, ladies and gentlemen.