My new summer cocktail

A couple of years ago, for once ahead of the curve, Big G and I spent the summer drinking Aperol Spritz. Our then-neighbour, who was Italian, saw us in the garden one evening and roundly mocked us for drinking what he called “an old man’s drink”.

Well, he was wrong, and Aperol got cool.

And now we have a new Italian spirit. And it is tipped to be the next big thing, so remember you heard it here first.


Rosolio is an Italian liqueur dating back to the 15th century and made with rose petals. The new version, Italicus, blends bergamot, citrus, chamomile and lavender, among others, to create something that tastes like a boozy Earl Grey tea. It smells gorgeous, all citrusy and herby, and taste quite sweet but with a bitter note at the end.

If you like interesting gin, then you’ll like this, I think.

The official way to drink it is half Italicus, half prosecco over ice with olives – like the love child of a gin and tonic and a martini. I have done this. It’s delicious. But I’ve also seen 2 parts Italicus with 1 part fino sherry and two drops of orange bitters, served over ice, which I might try this weekend. Or you could use it in a Negroni Bianco.


May all the kids go to bed on time. Chin chin!

What are you drinking this summer?